Huge Deals for Last Minute Shoppers

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The countdown begins to Christmas morning.

For those last-minute shoppers, that means not much time to get the Christmas shopping done, but waiting until the last-minute might actually pay off.

Signs hanging inside almost every store in the Stroud Mall are screaming some sort of deal on inventory.

Some signs say 50% off and others read 80% off.

"Oh I love sales, I'm cheap," said Jamie Storm of Neola.

The sales are so great for some people, like Geraline Bailey. She and her little buddy Elijah needed a break from all the action.

"Elijah is ecstatic, he's so happy, can't you tell?" said Bailey of Albrightsville.

The deals aren't the only reasons why people were drawn to come out shopping. For some, it's really the only time they had.

"I have my own business, and it takes me a long time to come shopping because of that," said Judith Marc of Albrightsville.

For others, they knew exactly what they needed to get.

"Gift cards for the kids," said Storm.

"I do not like shopping," said Steven Kehoe of Queens, who was visiting his daughter who lives in Cresco. "I'm a man. Men don't like to shop."

However, Winston Campbell's story is a bit different.

He was at the mall to shop for his daughter.

He has a rough idea of what to get, but needed a moment to figure out his game plan.

"I need a break, I take a little break, time to think and see what else I have to get,".

However you lay out your plan to shop, keep in mind, Christmas is less than a week away.