Christmas Donations a Blessing to Many

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Every Christmas season there are stories about all the donations that go to the less fortunate in our area.

We rarely see how all those toys and food really help families in need.

The gym floor was covered with bags and the bags were filled with toys for kids of all ages.

It was the annual Christmas distribution for the American Rescue Workers of Williamsport.

Organizers said more than 600 families will go home with a bag of toys and a Christmas dinner.

"If it weren't for Toys for Tots program, American Rescue Workers, they would not have a Christmas," said Linda Tokay of the American Rescue Workers.

A single-mom of three kids, Michelle Huey greeted people at the door. When she goes home, she will take toys to her sons and daughter.

"In years past you get behind in your bills so you can provide a Christmas, but with help from American Rescue Workers and Toys for Tots you can still pay your bills and still have a good Christmas for your kids," said Huey.

Huey is not alone. Hundreds more came to the Salvation Army in Williamsport for a similar Christmas gift of toys and food. There was so much to go around and Linda Jordan had her hands full with toys for six grandchildren.

Jordan planned to walk home with the bags overflowing a stroller until someone offered her a ride; someone who was also helped by the goodness of strangers.

"You gotta do what you gotta do, tell them Santa Claus is coming to town," said Jordan.

For her, the toys, the food and the caring spirit of others are helping Jordan's family have a merry Christmas when they need it most.

"It means a lot to people who really need the help, it's really hard when on fixed income like myself," she said.