Toy and Food Giveaway In Pottsville

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POTTSVILLE -- The Toys For Tots program and the Salvation Army will be busy in Schuylkill County this week.

Hundreds of people stood in line in the cold morning air at the Four Square church in Pottsville, all were seeking help. Some with food and others with toys for the kids.

Captain Adam Hench said one family camped out overnight.

"We started here at 10 o'clock this morning, so they were here a good 11 hours before we started to distribute," said Hench.

Sally Lawrence said she stood in line for the program which makes all the difference for the holiday.

"We wouldn't have a Christmas," said Lawrence.

Ashley Lamonica said times are tough.

"My family is struggling and some families are struggling out there with things, it helps people," said Lamonica.

Greg Aungst explains he is here because of the economy.

"It's tough today with all the financial problems, the unemployment and stuff and I might have a job today. Had an interview down here so hopefully everything goes well this year," said Aungst.

The toy and food giveaway not be possible without volunteers, including Alison Cullen. Cullen said seeing other people struggle makes her thankful for what she has.

"I think it’s a wonderful thing, helping all these people and seeing that I have more and some people have less than I do," said Cullen.

Salvation Army officials said they will help about 700 families and they expect that number to grow the next time around.