“Santa Cam” Comes to Geisinger

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, some children in our area will not be home when Santa Claus comes to town. Dozens of children will spend Christmas at area hospitals.

Sienna Karas is a four year old from Bloomsburg. She has been at Janet Weis Children's Hospital near Danville for more than a week because of a heart condition. She may even be there for Christmas.

"They say it's all dependent on how she's doing and stuff," Sienna's mom, Cherie said.

Even though Sienna is sick, a special visitor put a smile on her face. Through the magic of Christmas, Sienna spoke to Santa Claus via "Santa Cam" on an iPad!

"I think it's neat that she grabbed for the doll. It takes a lot of energy to scoop him up. You can tell she's happy, he's thinking of her and stuff," Karas said.

The staff at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville is trying to put children in the Christmas spirit, even though they aren't feeling well.

"Christmas is a time of joy and wonder and we feel that every child deserves that during the holidays. So we like to bring it to our patients at Geisinger," Mary Tiffin (the head elf) said.

Santa Claus has visited children at Geisinger Medical Center through Santa Cam for three years. This week he will see around 60 children.

"It's never easy when your child is hospitalized, especially around the holidays. But just to know people care and a visit from one of Santa's elves and a video visit from Santa, I mean how cool is that?" Nikki Keller asked.

Collin Gittens from Mountain Top thought it was pretty special. The ten year old is in the hospital recovering from surgery.

“He asked what I wanted for Christmas because I didn't send in my list yet.”

“What did you tell him you wanted for Christmas?”

“A bunch of video games,”Gittens said.

Santa Claus made sure to tell all of the children they are on the "nice" list this year.