Gun Sales Up at Poconos Business

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STROUDSBURG -- Gun sales are up at one store in the Poconos, in the wake of Friday's tragic event in Connecticut.

The store's owner says more people flocked to the gun counter after the president spoke about the tragedy.

Customers crowding around the gun counter inside Dunkelberger's in Stroudsburg have been a common sight since the weekend.

The owner of the sports outfitter says the crowds started growing soon after President Obama spoke about the deadly shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut.

"There (is) certainly the indication that the weapons situation, gun control, the different facets, are going to be readdressed," said Jere Dunkelberger, the owner of Dunkelberger's Sports Outfitter.

"Some people were afraid they might not be able to get their favorite firearms or things they wanted to purchase in the future, so they wanted to get it now in case there was some kind of law passed keeping them from getting that," said Roy Horton, the Vice President of Operations at Dunkelberger's.

No customers wanted to go on camera to explain how they felt about gun control, but some were willing to tell Newswatch 16 off camera.

“I would have no problem with more background checks. One bad apple, everyone suffers,” said a woman from Dingmans Ferry.

“Take precautions, lock it up. Everything is under lock and key at our house. Safe gun control starts with you as the owner, said a man from Dingmans Ferry.

“I believe in background checks and responsible gun ownership,” said a first-time gun buyer from East Stroudsburg.

That's where Dunkelberger's makes sure they know who they're selling to.

"Absolutely, all sales are with background checks. We're extremely cautious on our sales and who the sale is going to," said Dunkelberger.

While gun sales are on the rise at Dunkelberger's, another thing the workers are seeing is an increase in sales of gun safes. It's basically an area where you can grab your firearm, store it and lock it up so only you can access them.

The owner of Dunkelberger's says he plans to encourage gun owners to buy safes in light of the recent mass shooting in Connecticut.