Bishop Speaks About School Shooting

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SHAMOKIN -- In the wake of the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, many people are relying on their faith to get them through, but some are questioning their beliefs.

Students at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School near Shamokin listened as Bishop Joseph McFadden of the Diocese of Harrisburg led them in prayer. 

Bishop McFadden was at the school in Northumberland County for a check presentation, but talk turned to the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

"We’re all hurt, as the president said, all our hearts are broken. So the one thing we can do, people of faith is we can pray for each other," Bishop McFadden said.

At a time when many people are relying on their faith, the shooting has others questioning their beliefs.

"The risk that God took in creating us, not making us robots but giving us freedom, was the freedom to love as He loves. But also the great risk is for people to do something different, for people to choose evil," Bishop McFadden said.

Our Lady of Lourdes holds Advent services in the mornings, and the victims of the Connecticut shooting were recognized at that service.

All of the victims’ names were put on angels and the students hung the angels on the trees.

"It's our way of saying that we're with them 100% and thinking and praying every day," Deacon Martin McCarthy said.

”Evil had its hour on Friday, but God’s goodness is the one that wins the day, and we keep our hope in that," Bishop McFadden said.