Firefighters Protest Layoffs

WILKES-BARRE -- Firefighters in Wilkes-Barre continue to object to their furloughs as a result of that city’s budget problems.

Wilkes-Barre firefighters got the support of other firefighters from the area Thursday night at a rally on public square.

11 firefighters were furloughed because of Wilkes-Barre financial troubles.

Members of the city's firefighters union tell us they're worried about public safety, a message targeted towards city leaders.

“The reason we're out here, besides safety, is just to remind council that these guys are laid off. We don't want them to be forgotten about. We did our little picket last week, had our two minutes of fame in the paper, and now we're out here with our brothers from across the state to get our message through,” said union president Mike Bilski.

Union members said they don't know if any of the laid-off firefighters will be called back to work.


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