Christkindl Market Brings Holiday Cheer

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MIFFLINBURG -- German heritage takes center stage at Christkindl Market in Mifflinburg.

For the 24th straight year, Market Street in Mifflinburg has been turned into a German Christmas market. Everything from crisp apple strudel to authentic German coo coo clocks.

"It's rather festive. The mulled wine is delicious. My husband had potato cakes so it's a pretty good day," said Chris Veach of Elysburg.

"I've been coming here from the very first Christkindl Market, 24 years ago," said Evelyn Miller of Mifflinburg.

This year's theme is "The Glimmering Glow of Christmas". People bought crafts and watched the entertainment.

Most people said the best part of Christkindl Market is the food. There are dozens of food vendors here, but the longest line is for the German sausage, people said it's their favorite place.

"We're getting through in a half an hour, but in the evening you're waiting an hour and a half. It's packed. It's just that good? Yes," said Miller.

"The food here is different. Who would have thought we'd come here and be eating mushrooms? It's good on a cold day and a hungry stomach," said Joe Szendrey of Williamsport.

You don't have to be from Deutschland to enjoy Christkindl Market.

"You're always German today. You're German on Christkindl Market day," said Veach.

Even Saint Nicholas himself made a stop at Christkindl Market. He had a message for all of you at home!

"Froehliche Weinachten, Merry Christmas to all of you," said Saint Nicholas.

Christkindl Market runs through Saturday night in Mifflinburg.