Bucks Fall to Bears

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DUNMORE -- A community came together from Lackawanna County, rallying a lot of support for their high school football team.

The Dunmore Bucks didn't win the state title today in Hershey, but they're still likely to get quite a homecoming.

Dunmore`s police chief said the team will be escorted by police and fire trucks as they make their way down Drinker Street before turning into the high school.

The community in Dunmore has backed the team 110% throughout the entire season, and you can see the signs still lining Drinker Street and Blakely Street throughout the borough.

Many were hoping the homecoming would include celebrating a win over the western PA team from Clairton. The Bucks fell to the bears 20 to nothing Friday afternoon.

Bucks football fans still are proud of their team and the tremendous season they had.