Affordable Fixes to Seal Drafty Doors and Windows

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Contractor Jeff Nealon told Newswatch 16 that he has been busy on weatherization calls for repairing or replacing drafty doors and windows in Luzerne County.

Nealon said there are several affordable solutions that can fix the problem or delay a costly project.

“A total replacement on that door could be $700 to $1,000,” said Nealon. “You could buy an aftermarket weather stripping kit that goes on the surface for less than $30."

“If it`s an older style entry door that does not have this weather stripping, there are surface mount kits available, that you can cut and put into that opening. The weather stripping would butt against the door,” explained Nealon.

If you believe aging windows are leaking warm air out of your home, Nealon said that window caulking and self-adhesive plastic works well.

“They have some shrink wrap films that you stick it on there, heat it with a blow dryer, it kind of makes it look like it`s not there,” said Nealon. “That would be an easier fix for a homeowner to do it as a temporary solution.”