Nazar Mironenko Mifflinburg Wrestler

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Nazar Mironenko is back in the wrestling room at Mifflinburg high school. The 16-year-old junior is coming off a state championship season where he finished (43-2). Nazar went (4-0) at Hershey in March to win the state title.

"The past is the past you have to look forward to the future. Just forget the past just like it's a new season all again. You have to work for those matches to get back to state title match and win it hopefully again," said Nazar Mironenko.

"My expectations are the skies the limit. I hate to be cliché about it, but if he puts in the time that he knows what to do-he knows where he wants to be. He also knows how to get there, and if he does the things that he knows he needs to do I would be surprised if anyone is able to stand in his way," said Al Fluman.

As Nazar continues to work on his skills in his junior season he already has one title under his belt winning the 285lb championship in the 39th annual Top Hat tournament at Williamsport Area high school in convincing fashion with a fall in the final match.

"He looks a little bit sluggish his second match, but we talked about it and he told me he was going to pick it up and he did. That's just the type of guy he is. He kind of has a switch that he can flip and once he flips it it's pretty tough to stop. I know from everyday in here," added Al.

Nazar lacks the wrestling experience and background some of the best in district iv have, with this only being his third year of wrestling, but he is ultra quick and powerful for a 285lb high-school junior.

"Working on staying on keen on my feet and definitely working on the top position being able to tech fall maybe a heavyweight which I would think be pretty fun for me," added Nazar.

Mironenko's mission to win two state titles in two years.