Making a Grand Entrance on 12/12/12

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- A little girl in Luzerne County wanted to make a grand entrance. Little Mckenzie came into the world three weeks early at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, just in time for 12/12/12, quite the surprise for mom and dad Michelle Davis and Jamie Hadlock of Swiftwater.

Michelle went for a routine checkup and never went home.

“Just a checkup, and they said you’re having contractions so we're sending you to the hospital, and then they said you're not leaving, you're going to have a baby. We started calling everybody, and here she is. She's so good," said Davis.

The family was there to celebrate Mckenzie's birth. They were expecting her on another high profile birthday. She was due on New Year's Day, but apparently the five pound, three ounce beauty wanted an even more memorable birthdate, or maybe she just wanted to share a birthday with grandpa, he was born on December 12 too.

“Did you ever expect to have a 12/12/12 baby?” asked the reporter. “No no no. It was so unexpected, but we are so happy and so blessed,” said Davis.

“Very exciting, we weren't expecting her this early, but she's here so we're excited,” said Jamie Hadlock of Swiftwater.

Just down the hall, Ashley and Scott howell of Wilkes-Barre had a better idea their little Sophie could be arriving on 12/12/12. She was due in a few days.

“Around the past couple weeks I said ‘I think she'll make a grand appearance on 12/12/12,’ and sure enough she did,” said Ashley Howell.

When mom's water broke only hours before midnight on this special date she figured her prediction would come true. By morning it did, seven pound, 11 ounce Sophie was born.

“It's great, it's really awesome when you think about it. A day no one will forget, ever," said Ashley Howell.

“Just having a baby in itself is good, but 12/12/12 is a bonus. Never forget and relatives can't forget her birthday for gifts,” said Scott Howell.

It was an unforgettable date for an unforgettable experience.