12/12/12: A Wedding Anniversary to Remember

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PITTSTON -- As if the date 12/12/12 weren't enough, Karyn Cruise and Rick Migliosi decided to get married at St. John the Evangelist Church in Pittston on this date at 12 noon.

Five years of dating plus six months of planning doesn't quite equal 12, but these two hope the marriage lasts forever.

"I have never been nervous. When you know he's the right one and you know in your heart, there is no need to be nervous," said Karen Cruise, the blushing bride.

Rick is the one who picked the wedding date. He said he's always been into numbers, and with a wedding date of 12/12/12, he's less likely to forget his anniversary, hopefully.

"I'll forget the year maybe. I don't know," said Rick Migliosi, the groom.

The two met five years ago in Luzerne County at the funeral for Rick's father. Rick's mother, Betty, worked with Karyn at the time and introduced the two.

"It was almost like instant. My middle son said 'that's the most Rick's talked since he was born,'" said Betty Migliosi.

She's not surprised her son picked the 12/12/12 date.

"He's just a very sensitive person and wants something that makes meaning," said Migliosi.

Both the bride and groom said planning a wedding on 12/12/12 wasn't that bad, but the priest said he's already preparing for next year's big date, 11/12/13.