Lifetime of Love: Couple Married 60 Years Dies Hours Apart

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- Here's an example that even in times of grief, you can find some inspiration and hope.

In this case, a family in Lackawanna County lost a mother and father within hours of each other.

The couple's amazing love story now provides some comfort during a very difficult time.

After 60 years of life together, death only kept Daniel and Virginia Fogarty of Clarks Summit apart for three hours.

The one-time high school sweethearts, the husband and wife of 57 years died the same day last week, only hours apart.

We talked with four of the Fogarty's five children. They are coping with such a sudden loss by clinging to quite a love story.

Virginia had been sick, but Daniel's illness was sudden and both ended up in the hospital the same day. They died a few days later.

Virginia died first. When the family told Daniel, he made the decision to refuse any more medical care.  With his children around him, he died 25 minutes later.

The couple certainly left a legacy. Five kids, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. A family that will always be inspired by the love of mom and dad, grandma and grandpa.

And the family says it's a love story that continues above.