Troopers: Concrete Slabs Caused Crash

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- Traffic on Interstate 80 in the Poconos was backed up all day long after a fatal crash that happened in the early morning hours.

A little before 3:30 a.m., a tractor trailer carrying concrete slabs lost part of its load.

That load landed in the middle of the highway, causing four other vehicles to wreck and leaving one person dead.

"It's a sad situation, a heck of a thing to come up on. But accidents do happen. It's bad. Especially when something like this happens," said Roy Carbaugh, a truck driver from Altoona.

According to state police and the coroner, a truck carrying concrete slabs lost some of its load after the straps holding down the slabs broke.

It's a sight that disturbs Carbaugh, who also drives a tractor trailer and is hauling an oversize load of concrete slabs.

"That's a lot of weight they're carrying, you know, they have strict regulations on how to do this," he said. "Each piece is probably right around 10 ton a piece, so 20 ton."

The state police and the coroner say the concrete slabs that landed on the highway led to a chain reaction of crashes.

First, a tractor trailer drove over the pillar. Minutes later, this sedan ran over it and ended up on its roof. A second rig managed to swerve around the slab, but got rear-ended by a third tractor-trailer.

The driver of that last truck died when the steel beam load he was carrying went through the cabin and crushed him.

The driver killed is Daniel Snyder, 41, from Youngstown, Ohio.