Christmas Tree Sale to Help Boy Scouts

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MILTON -- In Northumberland County, some folks getting into the holiday spirit took the day to pick out their Christmas trees and support a good cause at the same time.

Some boy scouts held a Christmas tree sale in Milton on Sunday, to help raise money for their troop.

Organizers hope the community will come out and support them.

It’s a holiday family tradition for Andrew Hering and his son Gage. Each year they like to scope out as many Christmas trees as possible and find the biggest one, and they search and search until they find a winner!

“It will be his fourth Christmas so we thought we'd bring him down here and let him pick one out,” said Andrew Hering of Mcewensville.

This year the tradition is a little bit different for the Herings because they are helping out a local boy scout troop.

Troop 605 is hosting its annual Christmas tree sale at the Auto Motion on Arch Street in Milton.

A portion of the money raised will help the boy scouts buy equipment, and pay for their fees.

“It helps pay for the registration for the kids. We try not to charge dues, we have some families who are a little bit less fortunate, so this helps subsidize that,” said Dean Crites, Scout Master of Troop 605.

Crites said this is one of the troops biggest fundraisers.

The trees, Douglas and Frasier Firs, are all fresh-cut from a local farm.

Each boy scout helps pick out the trees and loads them up on cars.

The boys said this has taught them how important it is to do this kind of work.

“We do a lot of fundraisers throughout the year, and I realize you have to have participation if you want to actually do some events,” said Billy Crites of Boy Scout Troop 605.

Customers said they're happy with the boy scouts and their generosity, and they are glad they're support will go to such a good cause.

“They need to raise money some way, and this is a good way to raise money, and it's the best I can do to help them because I don't do much else throughout the year to help them,” said Bryan Seward of New Columbia.

“It's good because they do good community work, and it's a good thing,” said Hering.

If you're interested, the boy scouts are scheduled to be out there all week beginning at 9 a.m.

Tree prices range from $30 and up.