5th Magical Memories Wish Kid Holiday Party

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MILTON -- 200 kids and their families came out for the fifth annual Magical Memories Wish Kid holiday party in Northumberland County.

Children were greeted by Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and enjoyed lots of music and goodies to snack on.

Some of these kids are facing life threatening and terminal illnesses and spend a lot of time seeing doctors.

Their parents said this party helps them get away from all of that, even for just one day.

"Getting to be with all the other families who experience what we experience on a day tod ay basis, our lives are very unique and getting to share them with other people is awesome," said Bobbi Landis, of Middleburg.

"Oh my gosh, it's amazing, it's wonderful to come out and forget all the medical part of things to let him be around kids that can share with him what he goes through," said Bobbie Jo Herman, of Selinsgrove.

The party, attracts families from Montour, Columbia, Snyder, Union and Northumberland counties.

It's held at the new facility at Christ Wesleyan Church in Milton.

"It's really exciting for us, it's really fulfilling helps us know that's why we created it, and it's being used that way," said Pastor Arlie Davis, of Christ Wesleyan Church.

The event is made possible through community donations, and

Several groups including the Sunbury Legioin Riders said they want to continue helping the children and thier families in the years to come.

"We heard about the kids it's a good cause and we wanted to come out and support the kids, that's why we're here, to show support for the kids," said Tim Thomson, a Sunbury Legion Rider.

And to make their holidays, just a little bit brighter.

"Seeing each individual smile, it's pretty incredible, when I see the children in hospitals they don't always have a lot of reason to smile and here it's nothing but smiles," said Woody Wolf, of Heart to Hand.