Scranton Firefighters Install Free Smoke Alarms

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SCRANTON -- In Scranton, firefighters say they are saving lives one smoke alarm at a time.

Thanks to a state grant, and donations, firefighters have been installing them in homes for free.

Gary Shiner lives in Scranton with his wife.

He says he's been confined to his home because of an injury, and cannot do a lot of everyday things anymore.

"I broke my back three years ago and I'm on limitations because of that," Says Gary Shiner of Scranton.

Like climbing up on a ladder to install a brand new smoke alarm.

So Scranton firefighters went to the Shiner household to put up an alarm for them. They also installed 900 others in the city, protecting almost 200 homes!

"Far too many residents don't have enough smoke detectors they are unaware of the amount of protection they should have or their protection is outdated," says Shaun Flynn, Scranton Fire Safety and Prevention Officer.

Flynn says a state grant helped make this possible, as well as, about 10,000 smoke alarms donated by Kidde to WNEP's Operation Save A Life.

He says folks need to understand the importance of smoke alarms.

That you should have one on every level in your home and one in every bedroom.

And don't install them near a bathroom or kitchen because cooking smoke or steam could set them off.

"Early detection helps people get out of the house and it saves us from having to go in and pull people out of houses," says Flynn.

Shiner says, he didn't know any of this before.

Now he's happy he's learned some life saving tips, and that his family is now protected.

"I feel much safer, like I said we try to have safety first for everyone, and by going to this program I have been blessed," says Shiner.

There are still more than a hundred smoke alarms up for installation by the fire department.

Contact Shaun Flynn at the Scranton Fire Department at 348-4164, extension 1.
Or you can email Flynn at for more information.