Pearl Harbor Memorial Used As History Lesson

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MAHANOY CITY -- 71 years ago today, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, plunging the United States into World War II. The anniversary served as a history lesson in one part of Schuylkill County

Mahanoy Area school district high school students watched  images of the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  School head Joey Green said it was a history lesson.

"It's really important that they understand what happened during that time, so they get a good grasp on history," said Green.

The history lesson was part of the Pearl Harbor memorial program at the high school.

You could almost hear a pin drop as one of the veterans talked about his experience about visiting the USS Arizona memorial.

Veteran John Mellon said he's visited the memorial several times.

"Knowing there was one thousand one hundred and seventy bodies underneath me. Watching that little drop of oil coming up from that ship every minute, you just freeze. It is sad," said Mellon.

Mahanoy City's Mayor Christine Petritsch said she lost an uncle during the pearl harbor attack.

"I have a very special feelings for veterans because it hit us personally," said Mayor Petritsch.

Student Tyler Davies said he came away with more respect for the veterans on the stage.

" We wouldn't be free today, if they didn't do what they did," said Davies.

Fellow student Luke Holman said he learned a lot.

"I've learned that it was a very sad day but it brought our country together as a whole one," said Holman.

The Pearl Harbor memorial program ended with the playing of taps.