Clothing Those in Need

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SHAMOKIN -- Members of a church in one part of Northumberland County wanted to give back to the community, so they organized a clothing drive.

Members of Grace Chapel, which is a church near Shamokin, collected clothing over the past few weeks. It's the first time they organized a clothing drive. Today they gave away bags filled with shirts, pants and even coats to people in need.

Seven tables were filled with men's, women's and children's clothes at Grace Chapel. Church members collected the clothing and gave it all away to people who need it. Pastor Alan Langelli says church members wanted to give back to their community.

"One of our ladies said I heard what you're saying, pastor, and I think we should have a clothing drive and give away free clothing to people in need. From that little idea came this," Pastor Langelli said.

Amy Masden filled a bag with clothing for herself and her son. Back in June, she lost everything she owned when her house in Coal Township caught on fire. She says the past six months have been difficult for her family.

"We came back and it was in flames. We lost everything. All your clothes? Yep, blankets, you name it," Masden said.

Masden says she is grateful for the folks at Grace Chapel. Because of the clothing giveaway, she is able to help her son and get some things for herself.

"Great. It will help a lot really. More clothes that we can wear," Masden said.

When people walk into the clothing drive they are given a paper bag. They can fill the bag with as much clothing as they can. They can also take ties, belts, accessories and even a free coat.

"It's really nice that they have this. It helps people out when they don't have," Lisa Masden said.

The clothing giveaway in Northumberland County also runs from 9-12 Saturday. Grace Chapel is located on Airport Road, just outside of Shamokin.