‘Bad Rep’ in Berwick?

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BERWICK - At least a dozen meth labs have been busted by cops in Berwick this year. The latest happened just this week along Mulberry Street.

"I think it`s horrible, I think it`s ruining the image, people that want work can`t get job," said Owner of Delta Fabricating Gregory Lacovoni.

Lacovoni is one Berwick business owner who says the number of active meth labs in the area is causing problems.

"Nine out of 10 people who apply to our company do not pass a drug test and so they`ll stay on unemployment and I think it really does hurt the area," said Lacovoni.

Newswatch 16 was there as a meth lab along Fairview Avenue was busted in November. We also showed you this bust in May as authorities searched a home in protective suits along North Vine Street. Each bust is bringing more and more fear to business owners in Berwick.

"Well, it`s very very scary.  Very very scary.  In our neighborhood there was three just around our neighborhood alone, and yes I hear people say not nice things about Berwick because of that," said owner of Perfect Blend of Expresso and More Mary Lou Oliver.

Mayor Jim Timbrell says it's upsetting, but many are glad the police have put a stop to so many of these operations.

"I think it has tarnished it, but I think also a lot of people respect what is going on here for that reason," said Mayor Timbrell.

Many business owners here in Berwick and community leaders throughout the area say they want those behind these numerous meth labs to know it`s something they won`t tolerate in their area.

"I want them to think it`s a good safe place to live, I want them to think it`s a good place to raise children, a good place to retire to," said Timbrell.

Walkers Jewelers Owner Jeff Cerminaro says the people he's grown to know and love won't let these busts bring down Berwick.

"We`re a tight-knit community and I don`t think that we`re different than any community in Northeastern Pennsylvania," said Cerminaro.

If you know someone addicted to methamphetamine or would like to help bring awareness to this issue, you can get in touch with the Berwick Anti-Drug Alliance at (570)-542-7946.