Pint-Sized Party for ESU Athletes

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Some pint-sized members of our community got a chance to celebrate the holidays with local athletes in the Poconos.

For one student, the event created a memory to last a lifetime, thanks to a five-year-old aspiring reporter.

The youngsters at the head start classroom in East Stroudsburg are working hard, creating Christmas tree ornaments and snow measuring sticks.

Some big kids are also in the mix, learning from these little guys and gals.

Those "big kids" are student athletes from East Stroudsburg University who are giving back.

For some, they were just trying to keep up with their creative counterpart.

"It's a penguin. It has many obstacles on it. It has a hat on it, a scarf on it and it has eyes on it," said Michael Castillo, 5, who is a student at Head Start.

Castillo wasn't shy about showcasing his art.

He also wasn't shy explaining to Newswatch 16 that he needed a pair of helping hands to pull off the project.

"He helped me glue things that I glued," said Castillo who also explained to Newswatch 16 he was happy about the help.

The "pair of helping hands" Castillo was referring to is ESU SEO company baseball player, Eric Linares.

"Michael, he's a character. He had a lot of fun with what we were doing," said Linares.

"My favorite part is about making trees," said Castillo.

Then in no time, Castillo led us over to his "cubby", where his artwork was drying.

"Right over here," yelled out Castillo from across the room.

After some help from us, Castillo showed off his work to the camera, explaining every little detail.

"It has pink, red, pink, yellow, white, blue, and it has another red on it. It has a real star on it," said Castillo.

"They just make me smile. They make me happy just being here stuff that comes out of their mouths. Especially him over there," said Linares about Castillo.

Newswatch 16 then asked Castillo what he thought about his helper. His reply, "He's not bigger than me. I'm going to be six."

What's that phrase? Kids say the darndest things?