Historic Clock Restored in Tamaqua

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TAMAQUA -- A piece of Schuylkill County history locked away for 50 years has been restored and returned to its original location.

The clock hung on a building in Tamaqua for 50 years. It was taken down and put into storage for another 50. Lois Breiner said it was saved from the scrapyard by her father.

"He taught himself how to repair clocks by reading a book after he got back from World War II. He had an interest with clocks, a fascination with clocks," said Breiner.

Lois donated the clock to the Tamaqua Historical Society, which paid to have it brought back to life.

Chris Bartush said all of the restoration work on the clock was done by his company.

"It was a complete dismantle and a complete assembly of the whole clock. Some of the pieces had to be re-fabricated. They were not salvageable. It's one of my favorite projects to do, I've got to do some in the past. It`s not an everyday job, it's something I really enjoy doing," said Bartush.

On this day the clock was carefully put back together. Dale Freudenberger runs the Tamaqua Historical Society and is proud of the clock.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it's here 100 years from now, and let`s hope that happens. We look at this as a gift to our community, a gift to Tamaqua that we were able to restore and put this here just in time to Christmas," said Freudenberger.

The clock was then hoisted in the air to take it's place where it hung for 50 years, all thanks to the generosity of the Lois Breiner family. She said she donated the clock because she believes in preserving the past and the memories she has.

"The plaque will say it's dedicated to the memory of my parents, Henry and Mary Breiner. It's for them, so they're never forgotten," said Breiner.