Salvation Army Struggling in Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- The Salvation Army in Sunbury has helped make Christmas bright for more than 1,000 kids each and every Christmas season, but this year, the demand has grown greater than ever before, while donations aren't coming in nearly as fast.

A room at the Salvation Army in Northumberland County is usually packed with gifts. This year the Sunbury Office is about $500 short on donations already, with more families to help this holiday season.

"The need is greater because of lack of employment and various things that happened throughout their life," said Major Sharon Cupp.

The need has grown by about 100 kids already with more coming in each day.

Grace Eisenhart helps families who come into the Salvation Army for assistance and said one young boy is asking for just the basics this holiday season.

"I was like just a pair of boots? And they said yeah, that`s what they want. I was like wow, that breaks your heart when they just as for a pair of boots and not no toy or nothing," said Grace Eisenhart of the Salvation Army.

Since only half of the overwhelming need this holiday season has been met, the Salvation Army in Sunbury said it is organizing a new event to bring in more donations, so they can hopefully spread more holiday cheer.

"This year we`re doing fill the truck at Walmart, so that I`m hoping on Saturday when they see this red truck or a real truck in Walmart`s parking lot that people will bring new coats and toys," said Major Cupp.

They're hoping shoppers at Walmart in Selinsgrove this Saturday find it in their hearts to pick up a few toys, helping put presents under the tree for kids in Northumberland County this Christmas.

"It`s really when they are crying because you know they really needed it, and they get this bag and they see what they got for their children, and they have tears in their eyes, then you know you did good," said Eisenhart.

Major Cupp said if the donations don't start coming through the doors in Sunbury, some of the 1,300 kids in need may be turned away.

"It`s very possible that we might have to, but I know that we live in a valley where people will make Christmas possible," said Major Cupp.

You can stop by the Walmart in Selinsgrove between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturday to help, or stop by the Salvation Army in Sunbury before December 19.