More Help Heading to Sandy Victims in NJ

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ARCHBALD -- More aid from Lackawanna County will soon be on its way to victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey.

The borough of Archbald held a three-week long donation drive to collect supplies for those devastate by the storm.

Supplies are packed full into a 53-foot trailer, which is parked at the Archbald borough building.

This is the final payoff of a three-week long donation drive, organized by the borough, to collect items for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Councilwoman Shirley Barrett put the effort together and said the support was overwhelming.

“It just seemed like the more people we met here loading the truck, they were from all over,” said Barrett. “All underneath is all cleaning, mops. On top is the clothing and bedding. There’s some toys, there might be (some) Christmas stuff.”

Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the New Jersey and New York coastline in late October.

Now all the supplies will be headed to the Rescue Mission in Atlantic City and given out to those who need it by a group of churches.

Barrett said before she even put the word out the borough was collecting supplies. She said she needed to get transportation. Kane Is Able Trucking donated the trailer and is providing a driver to take it to New Jersey, free of charge.

"They said 'absolutely, whatever you need,'" said Barrett. "The following day this 53-foot trailer was here for us."

The donation drive kicked off on November 15 and was initially planned to last for only 10 days.

Barrett said they extended it to three weeks because so many people kept bringing out supplies.

“As long as we had the trailer here we just didn’t refuse it. We just kept on taking them and the more the people saw it, they just kept coming out,” said Barrett.

Donations are still being collected until the truck is scheduled to leave at 2 p.m. on Thursday.