Boilo Means Business

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RINGTOWN -- It's called Boilo. It's a drink that dates back to when coal was king in our area.

Now a man in Schuylkill County hopes to capitalize on it.

Christopher Brokenshire is a good example of a man with an idea. He created Brokey's LLC. Along with his father and help from others, they are making and packing the ingredients for Boilo.

“We hope it catches on throughout the state, and we can actually buy a bigger machine and someday hire some workers here,” said Brokenshire.

You mix the package of ingredients with honey, water and your favorite whiskey or apple cider. It's a drink that has a lot of history behind it.

“It was something that the coal miners were able to produce to help them out after a cold winters day,” said Allan Brokenshire.

Everyone in the Brokenshire family pitches in.

“I do the stickering on the bags and put them in a big bag and watch the kids while the boys are working,” said Tina Wagner of Brokey’s LLC.

Boilo is available at three stores in our area, including Kowalonek Kielbasy in Shenandoah.

“It's selling very well. I think the biggest two weeks are coming up. I know they're coming up, I've seen people take two or three bags. It's a great stocking stuffer or present when you don't know what to get somebody,” said Mark Kowalonek of Kowalonek Kielbasy.

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