Unseasonably Warm Weather Gone Tomorrow

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MUNCY -- The rest of this week is looking rainy and cold and back to December-like weather.

For Tuesday, it felt a bit like summer vacation.

It was the kind of day to make a splash in the Susquehanna River near Muncy. We found a boy throwing rocks on this near 70-degree day.

Nearby at the Fort Muncy Garden Center, landscapers were loading up on supplies meant for someone's property.

"If we can't put a shovel in the soil, that's when we stop working. Last year I was able to work well into January," said Renee Hodgson of Millville.

When it comes to getting plants and shrubs in the ground this late in the year, Hodgson said you have to be willing to get out the water hose in December.

Things got really warm inside the greenhouse, nearly 80 degrees. Outside, the pre-cut Christmas trees were under tarps thanks to the unseasonable heat.

"Since the sun's beating down at this temperature, it's going to dry out anything right now, especially something that's been cut," said Mark Hewitt of the Fort Muncy Garden Center.

The Mecones made the drive from Williamsport and took advantage of a day without a chill in the air to get a Christmas tree.

"It was nice out, get up in the morning, feed the llamas, didn't have to put a heavy coat on for a change," said David Mecone.