Neighbors say Mail is Missing

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SHAMOKIN TOWNSHIP -- People in one part of Northumberland County are missing checks, credit card statements and other important documents.

At least five families near Elysburg believe someone stole their mail last week.

All of the families live on Linden Road, which is outside of Elysburg.  Last Thursday, none of them received their mail, but the post office says it was delivered.  One man says he even saw a vehicle drive up to his mailbox and quickly drive away.

"There's always mail at Christmas -- Always," said Charlene Reigle of Shamokin Township. "There's some kind of junk mail. A day never goes by we don't have mail."

The neighbors believe someone stole their mail on Thursday. Ron Venn says he saw a dark colored vehicle drive up to his mailbox.

"Pulled up to mine and took off real fast," Ron Venn said. "I thought, 'boy that was weird.'"

"My husband said he heard a car stop by our mailbox and take off," added Reigle. "But he didn't think anything of it so they didn't even care there was a truck in the driveway."

Reigle says it wasn't just junk mail that was missing from her mailbox on Thursday.  She and her husband were expecting some important documents.

"We had some paychecks in there and statements and you're running around closing accounts and putting holds on accounts," she said.

Linden Road is in a rural area of Northumberland County right outside Elysburg.  Some of the people who live there have never noticed their mail missing in more than 50 years.  Reigle believes people were looking for Christmas cards with money inside.

"It's a shame. They have hard times and so do we," she said. "You might be stealing from someone who is so devastated they don't know when their next penny is coming to their house."