Cleanup of Leaves Back on Track

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SCRANTON -- The city of Scranton's Department of Public Works says the delay in the city`s leaf-pick up service has nothing to do with budget issues.

Take a stroll through the Greenridge section of Scranton, and you can't miss them.

Piles of leaves. Bags of leaves. Sitting on curbs. Waiting for pickup.

"Gosh, there must be eight or nine large paper bags of leaves over there, it's been sitting there for about a week now, not excessive, what can i tell ya?" said Joe McAndrew of Scranton.

The director of DPW says workers first picked up leaves the beginning of November, then stopped.

Many folks wondered what was the hold up.

Others say it's all part of the process.

"The leaves? They're leaves, you pick them up when they're down, I mean you can pick them up one time, two times, three times, four times, it doesn't matter," said John Laury of Scranton.

DPW says workers fell a little behind because the holiday came early this year, but now they are back out picking up these leaves.

"We started the schedule of picking up the leaves and then the holiday came along, Thanksgiving was a little bit early, so we stopped but we just started to pick them up as of today December 3, the vacuum truck is out now picking them up," said Mark Dougher, Director of Scranton's DPW.

And while the holdup had a lot to do with the number of workers off for the holiday, Dougher says the leaf pickup has nothing to do with the back-and-forth over the budget between the mayor and city council.

He says all leaves should be picked up within the next two weeks.