Bikes 4 Tykes Helps Kids

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ASHLEY -- Just in time for the holidays, a motorcycle club held a bike giveaway in Luzerne County for dozens of children.

The Wyoming Valley Motorcycle Club held its sixth annual Bikes for Tykes event.

Dozens of kids got a brand new bicycle at their annual Christmas party.

Something parents said is such a help during these tough times.

It's a joy like no other, seeing Santa Claus during the holidays.

To make that visit even sweeter a gift from the jolly old elf, bicycles.

The event was held by the Wyoming Valley motorcycle club.

Organizers said they've always wanted to help families in need have a Merry Christmas.

What better way to give back as bikers than to start up the yearly "Bikes for Tykes" event.

“We have a motorcycle run in September. We raise money, and we buy bicycles. We then give them away to underprivileged children in Wyoming Valley for Christmas,” said David Hooper of the Wyoming Valley Motorcycle Club.

Hooper said they've teamed up with the Wilkes-Barre Walmart and the Salvation Army to purchase almost 70 bikes and helmets this year.

The kids range from ages three to 11, And along with the bikes, they enjoy a Christmas party with ice cream and music, and fire engines.

Parents who get to watch their kids have a little Christmas during some tough economic times said it's a huge help.

“It's awesome, it's a load off your mind,” said Debbie Buchanan of Glen Lyon.

“It's a great opportunity to have a great Christmas when you can't afford it, just something they can enjoy and do, and the holidays are a bit happier,” said Valencia Jordan of Wilkes-Barre.

Since the start of the annual event, Bikes for Tykes has purchased and given away more than 300 new bicycles to children in Wyoming Valley.