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Pet Slideshow: December 2012

Posted on: 10:07 am, December 1, 2012, by , updated on: 10:07am, December 3, 2012

Check out these adorable pet pics!

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  • Fergus and Tazz were good for their visit with Santa!

  • Santa's little helper

  • It's my 1st Birthday!

  • Merry Christmas from our new tree ornament,Stinky

  • Puppy Portrait

  • Neighborhood Watch - sleeping on the job

  • Ellie says, \"Are these my new toys?\"

  • Mom, can I have a treat? Pleeeeease

  • Merry Christmas Everyone From BIG Mike

  • it's cold outside!!

  • Layla and Dozer ready for Santa

  • Karsin (age 2) decorating his Dog, Kai pup, For the Holiday Season

  • Santa I've been a very good girl!

  • Are you talking to me?

  • I just love our Christmas Tree!

  • Merry Christmas

  • Hugesville Miss Spartan

  • Max claiming his present

  • Bailey and Tanner in Hurricane sandy gear, along with Max

  • Tanner dazed

  • Tanner confused

  • bailey relaxing

  • bailey and scooby

  • Tanner and Oliver wrestling

  • My sleepy Buttercup.

  • Happy Holidays from Burt & The Girls

  • merry christmas from molly

  • merry christmas


  • We Can't Wait Till Christmas

  • Kit Kat with Christmas Gnome

  • Bella and Chance

  • tired from decorating for christmas

  • Merry Christmas from Molly

  • I love bananas!!!!

  • Happy Holidays from Skylar

  • Tabby's favorite spot. Right by the tree!

  • This is Tabby (9 year old male cat) This is his favorite place to relax!

  • Happy Holidays from Laddie

  • Merry Christmas from Khaki

  • Bear

  • Jada!

  • Remington and Lily visiting Santa for the first time together. Lily (on the right) joined Remingtons family when she was rescued this fall from Griffin Pond Animal Shelter.

  • Velma

  • Daisey Mae the elf

  • Snickers the snowman

  • Bailey & RUdy @2003 at Christmas time. Rudy has passed on over the Rainbow bridge in 2009, he is the one laying down. a wonderful boy.

  • Where are the presents? Merry Christmas everyone!!!! :) I am so excited! It is my 3rd christmas this year!!!

  • Jasmine sleeping under the tree!

  • Our Dog Pepper Which she is German Shepard And Bella Her Cousin The Black Lab

  • Peanut Says "Merry Christmas"

  • Riley in Sleigh

  • Happy Holidays!

  • Santa Claws

  • cindys house

  • Our Bandit

  • Bentley is one tired puppy.. after a 45 min hike

  • Merry Christmas --Love Helios

  • Lily and Santa

  • Sammi\'s waiting for Christmas mourning.

  • My friend Buddy

  • Reilly, Before He Went To The Rainbow Bridge

  • Merry Christmas from Daisy !

  • Kelly in her Sata suit!

  • Ike and Moses ,waiting for santa

  • Merry Christmas

  • Merry Christmas from Bear

  • Border Collie and kitten

  • Riggs

  • Has anyone seen my dictionary?

  • Bella shows off her winter attire.

  • The tree skirt never made it around the tree because Tessa claimed it as her own.

  • My Australian Cattledog Tazz

  • Daisy and Boo

  • Roxy waiting for more snowballs!

  • Marbles doesn\'t want to get out of bed

  • Jenga Kitty

  • Waiting for Santa..

  • Christmas Kitten

  • Maybell at Christmastime

  • Slinky by the Christmas Tree

  • Guardian Of The Christmas Presents

  • Cali, Miko and Matty with Santa

  • Jade with her Christmas toys

  • Boone-Golden Retreiver Loves Snow

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