Trees for Troops Program Underway

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- The annual Trees for Troops program is underway at Yenser's Tree Farm near Lehighton. Nationally thousands of Christmas trees are shipped overseas and to bases in the U.S.

At Yensers about 400 trees will go to stateside bases and military families.

Dylan Smith is one of those loading the trees for shipment.

"I have had a lot of friends from high school and beyond and family members that have served in the military, and I currently have one who graduated from West Point and is stationed at Fort Bragg, and it's guys like him who are serving for our country and the rest of us, and it's a little something to give back to them," said Smith.

Dennis Yenser served as a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam war. Yenser said he knows what it's like to be so far away from home during the holidays.

"You see what all the people that are serving that are going through and what their problems could be, and you want to help them," said Yenser.

The Yensers come from a military family. Drew Yenser said he served in the National Guard.

"I think that anyone who has been in the military or has experienced being away during a holiday, and even if they didn't go overseas I think it has an effect on it and you know what`s going through," said Yenser.

Drew Yenser said he makes it easy for their customers to get involved.

"Anyone who purchases a tree from us can buy one for the troops, and we give them a 10% discount here if they buy one for the troops on their tree," said Yenser.