Thief Tries to Break into Judge’s Office

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HAZLETON -- State superior court judge correale stevens shows us the scene of the crime near Hazleton. A surveillance camera caught a man walking up the steps and violently trying to open the door to the judge's office.

"Why would someone would break into a court office? I don't know unless he wants to read how long he's going to be in jail," said Judge Correale Stevens, of the PA Superior Court.

The surveillance camera caught the man, who's wearing a U.S. Polo Association jacket, making a second attempt this time carrying a television He stole from a business office downstairs. A woman can be seen in the background. Again the man couldn't force open the door to the judge's office.

"There is a doctor here and another business and we believe they were looking for drugs and the doctor`s office doesn't have drugs on the premises," said Judge Stevens.

Judge Stevens is going to do some detective work of his own.

"I am going to show the video to the local district magistrates and there may be enough on there that if they've been in the system before maybe someone will recognize them," said the judge.

The attempted break in makes some of the judge's employees uneasy.

"It makes you more cautious of what`s going on in the neighborhood, especially when they're trying to break into your office and you don't want to be coming in after hours you want to be here in the daylight you want to protect yourself cause you never know what`s out there," said Christine Chegwidden, the judge's secretary.

Judge Stevens asks that if you recognize the people involved in the burglary and attempted burglary at the Laurel Professional Building to give state police a call.