The Grinch Is Stealing Christmas In Throop

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THROOP -- The Grinch is stealing Christmas in Lackawanna County.

In Throop somebody's swiping holiday decorations.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in one part of Lackawanna County.

With the lights, candy canes, Santa Claus, and several light up reindeer, on one front lawn in Throop.

Decorations up for the holiday season by Rebecca Ganz, her husband, and their eight-year-old daughter.

But police say on Thursday, someone stole one of the reindeer right off their lawn.

"It's frustrating to see that you got people like that to be doing stuff like that especially because I have an 8-year-old daughter who was a little bit upset to see that," says Rebecca Ganz of Throop.

Throop police say the culprit or culprits stole the reindeer from a home on George Street, and another one at a home on Center Street, in the middle of the afternoon.

And they did it without being noticed. The owner says she was only gone for about 20 minutes when she came home and noticed the empty spot where the reindeer once stood, and all she saw were several stakes in the driveway used to hold it down.

"It's pretty sad you know, all the work you put into it, you come outside and see that people have taken them," says Ganz.

Neighbors who heard the Grinch is stealing Christmas right in their neighborhood say it's wrong.

"You don't want to take from people, especially children, you know that's a shame," says Theresa Fox of Throop.

"Sounds like it was probably just a prank, thoughtless anyway especially for people who take the time to put them up," says Mallory Hahn of Throop.

And Ganz hopes the thieves will return the decorations, otherwise, Santa's watching.

"And you'll be on the naughty list!" says Hahn.