Security Camera Video Of Theft Suspects

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EDWARDSVILLE -- Suspected thieves were caught on camera in Luzerne County.

Police believe credit cards stolen during a rash of car break-ins in Wilkes-Barre are being used in stores around the area.

Authorities released security camera video hoping to identify a couple they say used the stolen cards to purchase expensive items at K-Mart in Edwardsville.

"We're just trying to locate them so we can stop them. (The victim's) whole account was wiped out. He doesn't have any Christmas gifts for his kids. He just wants us to catch these guys," said Edwardsville police officer Mike Lehman.

Edwardsville police said they're only investigating the theft of one victim, but they suspect there are more. If you can identify the suspects, investigators ask you to call 911 or the Edwardsville police department.