Plymouth Shooting Suspect Headed to Trial

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WILKES-BARRE -- The man accused of shooting one person to death outside a bar in Luzerne County and leaving another paralyzed is headed to trial.

William Allabaugh said nothing as he left district court in Nanticoke, where five people testified about the shooting that police said Allabaugh started at a bar in Plymouth.

Witnesses testified Allabaugh shot Stephen Hollman inside the bar and then opened fire on Main Street in Plymouth. That's where police said Allabaugh shot and killed Scott "Scooter" Luzetsky.

Assistant District Attorney Jarrett Ferentino said the shooting could have been even worse.

"He was headed back to the bar. You heard that he did reload the gun and there is concern that of course he would have headed back into the bar and injured other people as well," said Ferentino.

It was another customer in the bar who shot Allabaugh to stop the shooting. This customer had a permit for the gun and was never charged. However, Allabaugh's lawyer said there's still a lot of evidence that has to be looked at in this case.

"We have to look at all the ballistics yet. We haven't gotten any discovery obviously," said Allabaugh's attorney Bill Rizzo.

Bob Soha was at the bar that night and testified in court. He said he saw the gun in allabaugh's pocket and heard the first gunshot that started the chaos.

"Most of the people, a lot of women were hysterical. The women that were in the bar. So you know. Which was normal," said Soha.

Stephen Hollman, the man shot inside the bar, is still in critical condition. A trooper testified today that he's paralyzed and not able to speak. Allabaugh's homicide and attempted homicide charges will move forward in county court.