Cars Smashed Along Wilkes-Barre Streets

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WILKES-BARRE -- Residents along Oak Street, Carlisle street and a couple of others throughout South Wilkes-Barre were startled by loud crashes outside their homes around 11:30 Thursday night. They found smashed in windows, cars forced up on curbs, and tire marks as far as you can see.

Neighbors in Wilkes-Barre said it was all done by a driver who was out of control.

"Oh my God, we just heard all this big bang, crashing sound coming just one after the next," said Carla Edwards of Wilkes-Barre.

Edwards' car still sits right where it was pushed, next to the tree in front of her home.

Ivan Moffitt had two of his cars hit just minutes after he returned home.

"I actually came home, I was in the house five minutes, I heard a boom, I looked out the window, and I seen the car pushing my neighbor`s car trying to get away, pushed it all the way up into the tree," said Moffitt.

Wilkes Barre police said more than 10 cars were damaged throughout the city Thursday night.

Neighbors along Carlisle Street in Wilkes-Barre said that same driver is responsible for more damage, crashing head on into the back of a Ford Taurus and then causing a chain reaction of damage.

"It was enough force to push three cars up a few feet, so he was coming up around that bend really really fast," said Joanne Brady of Wilkes-Barre.

Joanne Brady said her neighbors ran after the driver as he fled the scene, trying to get his license plate number.

These damages are hitting many of these victims hard.

"And it`s the holidays too, and the worst part is my daughter couldn`t go to school, we couldn`t make it to work and now a half a day`s gone. I`m just trying to get my car towed," said Moffitt.

Others are just thankful no one was hurt, including the driver himself.

"I mean the fact that he got up and left the scene was amazing, you would think after the way his car looked he probably would have been dead," said Edwards.

Wilkes-Barre Police have not said if they have the person responsible in custody or if they have any suspects.