Saving Money With LED Lights in Northumberland

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NORTHUMBERLAND -- Christmas decorations are lighting up houses and businesses all over Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. Many have made the switch to LED lights, including the borough of Northumberland.

Workers in Northumberland put up Christmas lights at King Street Park.

"We're going to be decorating this tree behind me. We've already decorated the 20 trees throughout the park and at the memorial," said Mayor Len Zboray.

The borough bought brand new lights this year, with a $5,000 grant. Norry Mayor Len Zboray is using his power to save.

"What we decided on doing was getting some LED lights. Ordering some garland, wreathes, some snowflakes," said Mayor Zboray.

Community groups in Norry decorated 20 trees. Each one is covered in 200 LED lights, with an led snowflake on top!

"We know LED is the way to go. It saves energy, and we're hoping to save energy for the borough at the park," said Mayor Zboray.

The mayor is already starting to think ahead to next year. Some snowflakes have the old style bulbs on them right now, but the mayor said he's looking to replace them with LED lights in time for next Christmas.

"LED lights will save between 80-90% of electric charges, especially for the Christmas lights," said Mayor Zboray.

This adds up to big savings in the borough of Northumberland.