Multi-Year Fishing Licenses Available

Anglers have a new option when it comes to buying a fishing license.

Starting Saturday, anglers can purchase a different type of license.

One is good for three years and another is good for five.

"It's $64.70 for three years and $106.70 for five years," said Louis Hervurth, the owner of Wacky Worm.

Until now, anglers had to buy a new license every year.

This new law went into effect as a way to modernize services and expand choices for Pennsylvania residents.

However, the owner of Wacky Worm near Brodheadsville said while it's also intended to be a cost savings, that might not always be the case.

"For the guys who lose their license on a regular basis or misplace it from year to year, every time you get a replacement license, it's going to cost you extra money," said Hervurth.

No matter which fishing license you get, it will not include a trout stamp, which allows anglers to fish for trout.

That means, trout fisherman will still have to buy a trout stamp each year.

Of course, there's still the option if you just want to buy a fishing license each year, which costs $22.70.


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