Fundraiser to Help Day Care Center

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PENN TOWNSHIP -- A day care center in Snyder County is trying to bounce back after one of its employees allegedly stole almost $35,000 from the place.

People can help the day care center at an event this weekend called “Kids Day Out.”

Around 140 children attend “Children’s Discovery Center” near Selinsgrove. In August the day care was devastated to learn one of its longtime employees was accused of stealing money from the place. Former office clerk, Pamela Crites allegedly stole almost $35,000

“It was a hit to us to discover that was happening. There are struggles,” said Janessa Mitterling, Chariman of the board.

Mitterling said the money was earmarked to replace old toys, furniture and equipment at the day care center.

“There's things that could be newer or nicer that we're not able to do, but the core of our quality is still there because our staff is phenomenal here,” said Mitterling.

Children's Discovery Center has spent the past three months trying to bounce back from the huge financial loss. The day care center will host a fundraiser this weekend at the Selinsgrove VFW to try and earn back some of that money.

“We wanted a way that we could focus our efforts in a positive way and do something that was nice for the community and help us to recover some more,” said Mitterling.

Kids Day Out will feature live music, food, crafts and more. Mitterling said all of the proceeds will go to Children's Discovery Center to replace books and supplies.

“I think whenever there is a tragedy, there are pieces that need to be pulled back together, and I think this is the final piece for us,” said Mitterling.

The event is Saturday from 10:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the VFW on Route 522.