Folks Enjoy Their Christmas Tree Traditions

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It's that time of year again, time to go out and get that Christmas tree.

Folks in Susquehanna County are doing just that.

A time old tradition for countless families during the holiday.

First you scout the selection, pick the one you like the most, and then, take it down and pack it up!

A couple from Montrose said they've been doing it since their children were little. Cutting down their own Christmas tree is a tradition that kicks off their holiday season.

"It's part of the holiday tradition, growing up we had a Christmas tree, it was always a tradition of going out and picking it out as a family," said Nancy Wottrich of Montrose.

"We always look for the biggest tree we can find. The other thing we like is the smell, so we always find one of the species that smells nice," said Bruce Mcnaught of Montrose.

At Kessler's Tree Farm, in Susquehanna County, this time of year is the busiest. Owner, Jim Kessler said, the first two weekends in December attract the most people who come out for their trees. Kessler said they sell hundreds of trees during the season, 50 during the busiest day, and with 10 different species, he said there is a tree for everyone.

"People come out they're looking for the perfect tree and either way they want the fat one, or the thin one, or a tall one, or a soft one, or a prickly one," says Kessler.

Kessler also said to keep your tree freshest during the season, don't believe the hype, water is all you need.

"Hot water in the tree, aspirin or Clorox or Pepsi or clear soda and numerous home concoctions, bottom line is they don't work," said Kessler.

Good tips to keep your tree alive the longest during the most wonderful time of the year.