FEMA Forcing Family Out

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Some people who've been living in government trailers since the flood of 2011 now have to get out by Monday.

"I have to be out by December 3, and if I`m not out in January, they`re going to start charging me $1,079 for staying here," said Tammy Bidding.

Tammy Bidding and her partner Duane Pellam received a letter from FEMA last week.

They lost their home when flood waters washed through West in September of 2011. Since then, they`ve been living in a FEMA trailer in Plains Township.

Now FEMA`s evicting them.

"We were told we had up to 18 months and because we`re working a little slow on our house, because of his medical, they`re going to penalize us and throw us out and I don`t think that`s right," said flood victim Tammy Bidding.

Tammy said she never looked for another apartment for herself, Duane, and their 11-year-old daughter because they`ve been trying to rebuild their own home in West Nanticoke.

She said they gutted and wired it, and were about to start putting up sheet rock when medical problems delayed them. She said she`s doing all she can to get out of the trailer.

"It`s not home. It`s a place to lay our heads right now, but it`s not home," said Bidding.

However, according to FEMA, they`re not working fast enough to fix their old home. FEMA`s eviction notice said they haven`t provided sufficient documentation to show they`re making any progress. Now they have to be out by December 3.

A FEMA spokesperson told Newswatch 16, "It`s a month to month program for up to 18 months if needed. A lot of people don`t understand that even though we try to explain that to them."

Tammy Bidding said that`s just not fair.

"Where are we supposed to go? Where is a FEMA person that has no home to go to supposed to do? I think it`s wrong that we`re being thrown out of here and there`s no reason for it."

FEMA said Tammy and other families in her position have 60 days to appeal FEMA`s decision, but they still have to be out of the trailer by December 3.