What Would You Do with $550 Million?

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TUNKHANNOCK - As the jackpot continues to rise, So do Powerball ticket sales across the nation. Here at Thomas' Market in Tunkhannock even the employees are joining the Powerball rush.

Diane Walling is the store's scan coordinator and says if she hits it big, she's not planning to help just herself.

"Well, pay off all my bills, be debt free, and try to help out a lot of people who are in need, especially the Sandy victims down in New Jersey and New York so whatever I can do to help out there," said Walling.

Walling isn't alone. Connie Babcock of Laceyville divvied up her imaginary millions over a slice of pizza with friends. She says what's left over would go to help those in need.

Many Powerball hopefuls say this jackpot is what enticed them to buy a ticket this time around, but for employees at Gay's True Value Hardware in Tunkhannock, they`ve been playing for more than 25 years.

"Every year we're always into it, twice a week we're into it," said Mary Ann Morgan of Gay's True Value Hardware.

They have plenty of the losing lottery tickets on hand that 18 different employees pitched in to purchase over the years. Morgan says they've had one winning ticket, but nowhere near the current jackpot.

"Ten dollars, that's about it. That`s our biggest win, we were happy," said Morgan. But cashier Glenda Chapin and her co-workers say if they finally hit the big jackpot, they won't give up their day jobs.

"Oh probably, we'll all probably be here. We`re diehards," said Chapin.

But they'll have to beat the odds first.