Spending Your Powerball Winnings

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The Powerball jackpot is now a whopping $550 million.

While many of you likely asked yourself how you would spend the winnings, the Pocono News Team has an idea or two.

Powerball ticket after Powerball ticket is printed at a convenience store in East Stroudsburg as people line up in hopes of hitting the Powerball jackpot.

Of course the big question, what would you do with the cash if you won?

Some residents talked about first helping others.

"Once I give back, then I start blessing myself. And I will bless myself well," said Taura Boisseau of Tobyhanna.

"I already figured I'd give these people a million, my mom, maybe a million. Maybe $500,000. No I'm only joking," said Barbara Lewis of East Stroudsburg.

Another place the Pocono News Team thought would be a pretty good spot to spend our winnings is at a jewelry store, called James Diamonds in Mount Pocono.

"The first thing that would come to mind is getting them to buy the whole store so I can retire," said James Diamond, owner.

But there's still more money to spend.  So with what the Pocono News Team has left over, we headed to Pike County, near Lake Wallenpaupack to check out this $1.9 million mansion.

"It's over 200 acres, you've got a 20,000 square foot home, there's an indoor pool, as well as an indoor gymnasium," said Debbie Friese of Weichert Realtors.

So all you need to play the Powerball is two dollars and a dream, which is exactly what the Pocono News Team has.

"What are you going to get if you win?" asked the store clerk to Newswatch 16.  

Our answer, is to buy the Pocono Newsroom.  Then open up another bureau in Hawaii.