Snow Tire Sales

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MOUNT POCONO -- This week's snow inspired some drivers to head to their nearest auto shop to invest in winter tires.

Mechanics were hard at work at Kost Tire and Auto in Mount Pocono putting on winter tires for some customers who had a hard time getting around in the recent snowfall.

"The roads were a little slippery yesterday and I knew it was time to come in," said Nicole Papaleo of East Stroudsburg.

"I had snow tires in New York, but fortunately I didn't have to drive as much as I do up here," said Taura Boisseau of Tobyhanna.

These ladies make up just a portion of the business workers at Kost Tire and Auto are seeing come through their doors.

Although it snows every winter in the Poconos, it's no surprise people wait until the last minute.

"It seems like people wait for the first snowflake to drop and they start worrying about tires," said Tom Hanzimanolis, manager of Kost Tire and Auto.

That's exactly why Nicole Papaleo headed to Kost Tire to get winter tires. She said the snowfall made for a very slippery commute for her when she was taking her kids to school.

"My kids were in the car with me and we were sliding a little," she said.

The story is also very similar for Taura Boisseau who also had a difficult time maneuvering her vehicle in the snow.

"Oh, I was sliding and when I turned it felt like I turned too much, so I said,'okay, it's time to go invest in some tires,'" she said.

Workers said a good way to find out if you need tires is to try to find the wear indicators, little nubs right between the tread. If the tread has worn down to these nubs, it's time for winter tires with deeper tread.

And a tip for what to look for in a winter tire, managers at Kost said look for one made with a silica blend.

 "It keeps tires soft, keeps them pliable, keeps high traction value. Both designed to run on the snow and on ice."