Getting Prepared For Powerball

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DICKSON CITY -- The $500 million Powerball prize drawing is Wednesday night.

Some call it the cornucopia of cash: a half billion dollars up for grabs in the record-breaking Powerball jackpot.

"I'm going to buy one ticket because I want the $500 million."

From convenience stores to supermarkets, the lotto machines are burning up.

At Wegmans in Dickson City people broke out their two bucks hoping to bring home big bills.

"It's fun. It's something to look forward to. It's the holidays everyone can use a little extra cash," said Debbie Brooks. "I think it kind of gets you into the swing of things. With everyone else playing, why not?"

As far as the odds for hitting the big jackpot lottery, officials say it's one in 175 million.

Statistics show you have a better chance at becoming president. The odd of that are 10 million to one. Think that idea is from outer space? Well, we'd all have a better shot at being an astronaut than striking it rich. The odds of that are about 12 million to one.

Despite the odds, people have plans for their new-found cash.

"Probably buy a new house, go on a nice long trip, vacation. Haven't had one in awhile," said Andrene Delprete

"I have a small business and I want to put people to work. That's why I play it every week."

If you want to see if you're a millionaire, check out Wednesday night's Powerball drawing live on WNEP-TV just before the start of Newswatch 16 at 11.