Former Group Home Condemned in Danville

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DANVILLE -- An apartment complex known as Danville Manor was condemned last week in Montour County. The 15 people who lived there were given until today to move out of their apartments.

This sign hangs on the front door of the building known as Danville Manor. The former group home is now an apartment building. It was condemned last week because it has no heat, no hot water and rodents.

Fifteen people lived at Danville Manor. They must all find new homes.

"I'm upset. I am, yes. Why are you upset? I don't have nowhere to go and today's the day they're supposed to board the place up," Mary Brophy said.

The building was a group home for mentally challenged people until 2009. Danville's Code Enforcement Officer, Jackie Hart says police informed her there was no heat in the building last week. When she inspected the building, she found residents using a toaster oven and stove for heat. All of the residents scrambled to find new homes after Hart condemned the building. Debra Roberts says they were not given enough notice.

"They had a condemned sign on the front door, but somebody ripped it off. On Monday they put the new notice on the door," Roberts said.

Danville's Code Enforcement Officer Jackie Hart told Newswatch 16 she has already helped 13 out of the 15 people find a new home. She is in the process of finding the other two residents a place to live. She said no one will be kicked out into the street.

"They're helping me get another place, I don't really know anything else. I'm just packing," Brophy said.

The building's owner did not return our calls. Danville's code enforcement officer says the owner could clean up the building, and have it inspected to reopen.