Reaction To Arson Arrest

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MOCANAQUA -- Neighbors in part of Luzerne County say they feel relieved after hearing police arrested a suspect for one of the arsons in their flood-damaged community.

Barbara Davison took her new German shepherd Mina for a walk down Main Street in Mocanaqua and said she's finally able to leave the house relaxed.

That's because police arrested Shawn Wilcox for one of the two arsons that happened down the street from her home.

"I'm glad. I'm glad they caught whoever, you know? I feel safer now. I'm not surprised by it," said Barbara Davison.

Wilcox is accused of setting fire to a vacant house on November 12.

According to court documents, Wilcox admits setting the fire in the back of the house on Main Street. He also indicated he liked lighting and watching fires.

Debbie McDaniels lives down the street from the fire scene.

"There was a lot of kids out on the street playing the one time, and when you talk to them, they kind of said who they seen or what was going on," said McDaniels.

Wilcox is being charged with starting the fire, but police said he didn't have to go too far because he lived right across the street in an apartment building.

Before Wilcox's arrest, Davison says she was so concerned for her safety that she bought Mina and security cameras for extra protection. Now, she says, she and her kids can leave the house without fear.

"The fires would just happen when the kids were all outside playing. Now they can go out and play and I'm not afraid anymore. I'm happy," said McDaniels.

Shawn Wilcox is locked up in Luzerne County. The other arsons in Shickshinny and Mocanaqua are still under investigation.