Snow Creates Mess on Pocono Roads

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SAYLORSBURG -- Some parts of the Poconos received three to four inches of snow Tuesday morning, which was enough to slick up some roads and cause some crashes.

Traffic on Route 33 near Saylorsburg wasn't moving quickly in the early hours as the snow kept falling, making travel treacherous for drivers.

Cindy Lehman had her boyfriend drop her off at work because she wasn't going to take any chances.

"It kept getting worse and worse while I was there and I was thinking "Oh gosh'", said Lehman of Saylorsburg.

The traffic jam on Route 33 South backed up for five miles after officials say a tractor-trailer lost control and went off the side of the road before ten in the morning.

Both lanes were shut down and the highway became a parking lot for hours.

As Newswatch 16 was on scene getting video of the lines of traffic, another crash occurred near us.  We heard a loud screeching sound and a bang.  When we looked to see what it was, a tractor-trailer jackknifed, hitting three other cars.  We immediately dialed 911 for help.

One person was taken away on a stretcher to the hospital to get treated. No word on the woman's condition.

Side roads also posed a problem for drivers .

"Main roads are fine, back roads, some are okay and some not so good," said Wayne Jaggers of Saylorsburg.

Bernardo Soriano took action against the snow by using his snow thrower.  But he ran into trouble when the white stuff clogged the machine.

Of course, the snow isn't expected to stick around on the ground for long.

But as for the crashes that closed a five-mile stretch of Route 33 South, by 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, traffic was moving smoothly.

In that second crash that we witnessed, state police say the driver was traveling too fast in the snow and he was cited.