Recovering From The Flood Of 2011

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SHICKSHINNY -- The Shickshinny post office, wrecked by flood waters last year, is open for business again.

The flood of 2011 hit Shickshinny and other areas when the Susquehanna River roared out of its banks. A lot of homes and businesses were wiped out, including the Shickshinny post office.

The post office was rebuilt. Acting Postmaster Bob Jones said it's open again for business

"They had to construct the whole inside. Some of the windows out front were broken that they had to replace so it was a major overhaul," said Jones.

The flood waters reached five feet inside the building and despite the rebuilding, the flood's effects are still being felt.

"Our carriers are currently out of the Berwick post office but probably looking to come back to Shickshinny. We're just getting open, we've been open…November 17 was the first day so we're just getting the ball rolling," acting Postmaster Bob Jones explained.

Postal customer Pam Dymond said she's thrilled.

"I am so happy that our post office is finally open again in Shickshinny. It's been really hard to find places to go to take care of our business with mail and the closest places, Berwick or Nanticoke, it's never convenient," said Dymond.

Customer Jim Bomboy said the reopening saves him money in time and gasoline.

"You don't want to make an extra trip just to mail a letter. You add the price of that and a gallon of gas on top of that, it's pretty expensive," said Bomboys.

The owners of many homes and businesses have rebuilt just like the Shickshinny post office. What they're hoping for is not another repeat of the flood of 2011.